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  NATURE CORPORATE TRAINING /NTC (Team builder in the nature)

Team Builder Workshops Outdoors

NTC is the combination of experience and originality of an ecologically oriented company that use natural settings and expert facilitators to ensemble unforgettable team builders programs in beautiful outdoors environment.

We develop powerful experiential workshops, focus in business and staff team work development.

By combining and putting into action: outdoor activities, risk-controlled
 individual, group exercises and shared reflection, this outdoor training are the key elements for good results and pleasant moments of sharing friendship within your staff.

Our facilitators are certified professionals, backed by more than 20 years of service within and outside the country.

If after evaluating our proposals and places, you think our ideas of putting together a program for your team, meet your expectations, please send an email, specifying the following:

1. Main Objective or focus issue of the Team Builder Program for your team

2. What are the goals that seek to achieve.

3. Estimate number of participants.

4. Scheduled or approximate dates.

5. Location where you would like to run the program.


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