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We are a receptive tour operator, travel facilitators and coordinator company, that has creates a blend of possibilities for our client to enjoy, share and learn about nature to its fullness, at the same time is a team that works in order to contribute and create awareness for the protection of bio-diversity, the rainforest and the adorable indigenous people that live within.

By creating a full variety of activities that goes from 1 day tour to programs of 2 days up to 2 weeks or more, and activities that goes from bird watching, whale observation trips, hiking tour in different locations of the forest, adventurous white river rafting, snorkeling  trips, sunset sailing trips, gliding over canopy trees in the cloudy mountains and stay in cozy eco-lodges in rainforests mountains and islands.

As company oriented to promote participative and educational tourism, we offer educational tailor made programs for students organizations and other institutions. 

We also offer all the necessary logistic and coordination for foreing students and other organizations to participate in community services in places carefully choosen, where their help is in need,  our strength is based in the way our management team get involve in all details activities relate to our design groups´programs  once they arrive.

We believe in the great value of our diverse indigenous communities spread along the whole country, organizing different type of trips for our guest to enjoy the magical moments of living a cultural exchange with an indigenous group in the heart of the rainforest,  or expending few days in the land of the Kuna Indians and their white sand beaches of San Blas Islands, or spending few days in a beautiful coffee farm in the cloud forest of Chiriqui or enjoy the caribbean pace of Bocas del Toro and its beaches.  We believe that if in anyway, we can help by creating and promoting sustainability through tourism in the country where we live, is part of a process that will contribute to the health of the planet and finally the humankind. Our commitment is 'to create journeys and moments for you to blend with nature' and for students to become global citizens.


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